Finally got out to FISH!!

If you have been following us for a while you know that Mark had rotator cuff surgery and his bicep muscle reattached on his left shoulder in February. He fell on black ice back in December of last year. He has been focused hard on recovering in order to get back to his full-time job of driving truck and to fish (of course). MCB has been his side hustle for the last few years and was his sanity to get him through his healing. He could still paint.


Last week he had another follow-up appointment. He still has limitations but he is allowed to drive but no lifting over 20 pounds. In his previous position, he unloaded the trailer and needed to be able to lift 75 pounds. They do have routes with no lifting so they are working on getting him on one of those routes. And as far as fishing, he needs to be careful. No reeling in a big

The weather was nice on Sunday so we went fishing over in South Dakota. A lot of lakes are flooded around here due to all the melted snow and then the rain that keeps coming most days. We went over to Island Lake by Colton where you can fish on the north or south side. We fished the north. The bass were not along the banks as expected. The water was still pretty cold and had probably gone up a good six feet since last season. We did end up catching a couple. I was using a shallow runner crankbait and Mark was throwing I caught mine on our Casper SR. Mark caught his on a chartreuse tube and she was full of eggs.

After a while, I decided to change to our Bluegill medium diver and cast into the deeper water. I ended up getting a huge muskie on the line. Never had one of them on the line before. It came off right before getting to the boat. So I cast out that way again and caught (I swear) the same one. This time I fought with it by the boat for a good five minutes before my 10-pound line broke from Mark trying to get it one-armed into a net that was WAY too small. I told him next time to forget the net. Just grab the camera and take a Not sure what we would have done if we did get the monster in the boat. We are stocked with everything for bass  I didn't' have the Go Pros with because we didn't know how everything was going to go with Mark and his one arm. Isn't that how it goes when you don't plan for the unexpected. But it was still an excellent fishing day. Any day fishing is. Hopefully, we will have another fishing adventure with more luck this weekend.


Our Bluegill Medium Diver - Wish it was a picture of the 

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