Fish Lake Trip Last Sunday

Mark and my favorite smallmouth bass fishing lake flooded this spring and the boat ramp is still underwater. Mark had called the Minnesota DNR for the area to discuss the current status and Fish Lake was suggested during that discussion. Mark was told it had the same rocky shoreline and driftwood as East Twin and not much for weeds. The lake is southeast of Windom and surrounded by tons of trees. It reminded us of the lakes further north in Minnesota.

Well, I’m not sure when it was last checked but the whole lake was full of thick weeds. So we knew it was going to be a tough fish catching day. We fished for several hours and finally found some ideal conditions where the weeds didn’t start until several feet from the shoreline. The whole time we were fishing our bait was being nibbled on by small bluegills. The lake was FULL of them. A thunderstorm had passed through the night before so the conditions were not favorable for catching. But we did have a short window where we were catching a variety of fish.

It was fun because you had no idea what was going to be at the end of your line. We didn't catch them all on camera.  Our go pros were charging because all the batteries were dead by the time the fish bite turned  I had luck with the sexy clown shallow runner and Mark had his go-to Bass Pro Charestruse pepper tube on. We tried all kinds of soft baits but kept going back to the yellow tube. The trusty yellow tube. It is kind of a joke now. Because whenever we aren’t catching anything we always go back to the yellow tube. AND if that doesn’t catch anything we might as well go home.  



Baits Used: Shelly - Sexy Clown Shallow Runner Mark - Bass Pro Chartreuse Pepper Tube

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