I got involved in Mark's Custom Baits

A few years ago when the 1.5 Zombie was just a prototype and I caught my first bass with him. ❤️ Honestly, I think this was probably the first bass I caught. The only fishing I did was walleye fishing up at my parent’s lake lot. Mark had buddies He went fishing with and said how much fun bass fishing was. I was like do you eat them 🤣 No, just catch and release. I remember thinking what’s the point then 🤔 I love me some walleye 😁 AND then I went bass fishing and I have been hooked ever since 😉😂

We were also just starting Mark’s Custom Baits “The business”. I remember one day the winter before this fishing season I saw Mark’s box of made-up crankbaits in our storage room. He had only been making a few to sell to friends and family when he went fishing. I said, “Are you still planning on making that a business?” He said “Yes”. I said, “Then I’m going to work on setting that up then.” AND so Mark’s Custom Baits began 💗❤️

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