Mark and Kevin Reardon fishing on Island Lake in South Dakota

Kevin came up from Nebraska for some smallmouth bass fishing with Mark a few weeks ago. Luckily it wasn't a wasted trip. The smallmouth bass were ready to strike over at one of our favorite lakes across the border into South Dakota.

Like most lakes in our area, anglers are looking for panfish, walleye, muskie, or pike. But Island Lake has a nice population of smallmouth. The guys captured some footage of their catches from that Sunday. They caught a few on some soft baits but the majority of their catches were on our Medium Diver Venom and Mark also had some luck with the MCB Craw pattern.

This lake has risen several feet from all the flooding from the spring and there is now a 9-foot dropoff from the shoreline instead of a few feet. Once that bait came down off the rocky shoreline the smallmouth were hitting it. The guys caught over 60 that weekend.

You can follow Kevin at:


Instagram: @ksroutdoors


Baits Used:

Venom Medium Diver

MCB Craw Medium Diver

Owlnado Black & Blue Craw

Bass Pro Chartreuse Pepper Tube


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