Mark's Story

The first time I went fishing was with my mom at Bloody lake when I was three years old. We were fishing for bullheads. That was pretty much all I caught until my grandpa took me fishing for walleye. When I was nine I got to go river fishing for the first time on the Missouri by Chamberlin, SD. We moved from Minnesota to Oregon when I was eleven where I tried trout fishing for the first time. I never caught any with my rod and reel. The only ones I caught were from using my net. When we moved back to Minnesota, I remember I went fishing again with my dad and grandpa on the Missouri for Walleye. But most of my fishing memories were made fishing with my grandpa. I remember one time my grandpa bought me a bass crankbait and the first time I threw it out I caught a big northern pike. I loved fishing with my grandpa. When he passed away, I gave up fishing. It was something we did together and I lost interest when I lost my fishing buddy and my best friend.   It was about a decade later when I took it up again. My in-laws purchased a lot on Lake Benton. My wife and I would go up there on the weekends. I decided to dust off my fishing gear and try fishing again. I started fishing local lakes and then I decided to try fishing at the ponds south of Luverne, MN. I will never forget the first time I caught a large mouth bass. I was hooked.  The way those fish fight in the water. I found I could never get enough.  So I started going regularly to local bass fishing lakes trying to catch large and small mouth bass. My childhood hobby was revived.

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  • will there be any more 2.5 icy hot craw before your sale is up?

    john cunningham

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