How MCB – Mark’s Custom Baits Began


After I got back into fishing, I would go searching for new baits and could never find the colors I was looking for. I would wonder why don’t they make this or that color of lure. I decided to try making my own. I researched and purchased all the necessary items to try out this little adventure. The first lures I created were my Albino Clown and Red Racer. My buddy John and I went to try them out walleye fishing and caught our limit. The other fishermen out that day said the fish weren’t biting. So I knew I was on to something.  I started testing out other colors and crankbait types. I found some worked and some didn’t. I started to produce larger batches of them to give to other friends and family that fished. Then I got into selling them while out at local lakes. And that is how this adventure began.

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