Shelly's Story

I remember the first time I caught a fish. I was on a dock at Lake Sarah with a couple of my childhood friends. I was five and didn’t know anything about fishing. I threw a line in and caught a fish. I had no idea what to do with it. Nor did anyone else. I remember one of my friends ran up to the cabin to get a saucepan from the kitchen to put it in. That was the only time I went fishing as a kid. My family didn’t fish. When my parents purchased their lot on Lake Benton, Mark started fishing off the dock. I told him I wanted to try. He gave me one of his old fishing poles and I fell in love. I remember I went out in the boat with my parents and I ended up catching an eight-pound Northern Pike. The problem was we didn't’ have a net. Some young boys were out on the lake in a boat and they came over to rescue us amateurs. So my love of fishing began.   

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